The complexity of construction and infrastructure projects increases. In the architectural design and the stability design new techniques are used that give rise to complex geometries, which result in equally complex challenges for the contractors. These projects require more from a traditional study or drawing office than was customary until now. To bring these projects to fruition, a team of dedicated engineering specialists is necessary. Already in the study phase, the focus of POUMA BIMfactory is on problem solving. The combination of technical experience and extensive knowledge of various IT technologies allows us to go beyond the mere elaboration of proposed solutions. Projects, such as the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris, where we worked out a solution for both the parametric building of the 3D model and the complete automation of the manufacturing drawings, illustrate this approach.

In close cooperation with our clients, we look for innovative, customized solutions. We derive these from our extensive experience in engineering and optimization of complex geometries. As innovative pioneers, we work out optimizations in such a way they positively affect both the quality and the cost price and could serve as the basis for automated manufacturing methods that are strongly driven by digitization.

Examples include:

  • Geometrical optimizations to improve practicality: geometric optimization tunnel section for standard formwork (R4)
  • Engineering of projects with complex geometry: geometric optimization connection bridge transition without double-curved surfaces (Nijmegen)
  • Solutions for automation of modelling, drawing and manufacturing methods, automation of 3D modelling for aluminium panels and automated manufacturing drawings (Fondation Louis Vuitton)
  • Optimizations of use of materials: development and detailing of masonry principles (Nijmegen)


POUMA BIMfactory helps clients from the preliminary design phase to the implementation phase. Therefore we are also heavily involved in the implementation process itself. Through our years of experience in the preparation of manufacturing files for steel manufacturers, we have developed specific knowledge around detailing and support of manufacturing processes in the precast industry. We build models that are tailored to the specific requirements of each client and correspond to his manufacturing process. We provide drawings, control systems and lists according to the agreed guidelines and adapt them to the needs of the client. With this, all output data remain linked to the 3D models by using templates that we develop and continue to perfect ourselves. Measurement protocols and welding catalogues support manufacturing and provide appropriate and accurate information that is necessary in the implementation. We develop assembly plans, assembly facilities, phasing and paint plans directly from the manufacturing models.

For the implementation, POUMA BIMfactory focuses on quality: all parts (drawings, lists, models) undergo an internal audit before we release them. This verification process is partly automated and is part of our internal quality management system. In addition, our employees actively seek optimizations in the engineering and manufacturing process to simplify manufacturing, shorten turnaround time or to reduce risks. This approach brings benefits in terms of time, quality and costs.

Our team communicates through professionally illustrated questionnaires and interactive 3D models (BIMSIGHT) to avoid any misunderstanding and to efficiently achieve an optimal solution. We also apply this approach in the (precast) concrete industry and the timber frame construction.

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