project management

An integrated process control of complex infrastructure or construction projects requires professional tools and fits the transition to BIM. From our experiences in the different project teams for DBFM contracts, POUMA BIMfactory has developed the digital platform 'CTRLbox'.

CTRLbox is a web-based database system based on Relatics. CTRLbox allows us to capture, test and manage the project data in a systematic way. By connecting the 3D models with project data, an integrated whole is created that brings together, among other things, the program requirements, email traffic, planning, document management and consultations - including all possible changes - in the user friendly CTRLbox. In the platform we combine the principles of Systems Engineering and Lean Management; in this way, we create a powerful online quality management system that greatly increases the transparency and efficiency of the design and construction process. Thanks to a significant reduction in the cost of failure, the deployment of the CTRLbox is more than recouped.

The structure of CTRLbox is designed for construction or infrastructure projects and includes a number of standard modules. Depending on the project, additional modules may be needed. We can integrate these easily into the structure of CTRLbox, even if the project has already commenced. We can also link objects from a 3D model to the platform. To this end, POUMA BIMfactory has developed, together with our partner Construsoft, an interface between Tekla Structures and Relatics. We ensure continuous improvement of the CTRLbox platform and we constantly expand it with new functionalities. This ensures that the platform can be fully effective with each new application.

Based on this method, we have developed a variant of CTRLbox using the Prince2 methodology and we added modules to allow for verification, communication and risk management.

In large and complex projects it is essential that the project management system is tailored to the specific conditions of the project and that the system is integrated within the project team. This approach largely determines the chances of success and the ultimate effectiveness of the tool. We therefore offer the CTRLbox as part of our service.

Our BIM experts have significant experience in the technical management of project data and configure CTRLbox tailored to the project's needs. In addition, we are responsible for the training of users and technical support/help desk during the entire design and/or construction process. This approach assures you that you can make the best use of CTRLbox with a high quality, clear and manageable process as a result.

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