POUMA BIMfactory has nearly 20 years experience in 3D modelling. As early-users of Tekla Structures software, we operate at a global level with our technical know-how of this suite. As winner of the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2012, we are well known as a reference user of Tekla Structures, both in and outside Europe. However, POUMA BIMfactory operates independently of all software organizations, combining the strengths of different software systems into an integrated BIM model, which is tailor-made for each project. Therefore we have also extended our expertise to other software packages such as Rhino, Grasshopper, Relatics and MicroStation.

3D and BIM modelling is now part of our core business with credentials for the most diverse structures in steel, concrete, wood or aluminium. Due to our strong focus on ICT and programming, we have tools that allow us to parameterize complex geometries and to generate 3D objects. These activities should therefore no longer be done manually. We also have extensive experience in the efficient exchange of models between different software packages (conversions Tekla/Rhino/REVIT/STEP/IFC ...). Our team of professional experts builds 3D models for designers, from the preliminary design phase to the implementation phase, and can present credentials of Total BIM models for DBFM infrastructure projects in which landscape, water, roads and artworks are aligned in an integral manner.

In cooperation with our partner Construsoft, POUMA BIMfactory has developed a tool that links the Tekla model to a relational database in Relatics. We have thereby extended the possible applications of our 3D models to 4D, 5D and integrated BIM models, which can be used in various construction phases, from preliminary design to facility management.

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